Googy Croozy

Video Production

I am a big fan of a TV variety show called The Chris Gethard Show. I have been for some time. So when I saw that Chris and his fictional nemesis Vacation Jason were running a video contest to win a trip on the Impractical Jokers Cruise, I figured "eh, why not."

My good friend Paul Heumann and I had less than a week to write, produce, act, direct and edit a video for the contest with the prompt "why do you want to vacation with Vacation Jason." The results are as bizarre and absurd as they are rough, but they did the trick.

Somehow were chosen to win that contest by Chris and Jason. I was, as you might imagine, completely stoked to win the chance to meet these comedians who I have admired for some time as well as enjoy a full week of comedy and general insanity on the high seas.

Noteworthy: Vacation Jason only eats tropical fruit. I admire that kind of dedication to vacations.